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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injection, HCG Injection, in short, is a hormone in pregnancy. Produced after the formation of placenta. The level increases within 1 week of fertilization of egg. The hormone helps in maintaining the progesterone levels to support the pregnancy. The lower amount of the hormone can cause miscarriage. Puretrig is the brand serves the hormone in 5000 iu form to fulfil lower levels. It also serves the purpose of weight loss. With a strict diet of low carbohydrates and higher proteins can make you lose weight significantly. HCG Buy Online with GenericChemistShop. The weight loss is healthy and reduces the fat from Arms, Thighs and tummy section.

What is an Hcg Injection?

Puretrig 5000 is a hormone injection which comes in 5000 iu bottle. With 1ml sterile water for mixing. Puretrig is a reliable source for the hormone. Available for quite a low price and does not hurt your pocket. The injection is all in one solves multiples purpose with one

  • Maintains the pregnancy
  • Weight loss
  • Works as growth Hormone

During the pregnancy, it was found that women who were taking HCG were losing weight while women who were not gaining weight. Pregnancy causes to gain weight the surprising effects of the hormone has caused a boom in the weight loss industry.

After Effects of Using

  1. Weight loss
  2. Maintain pregnancy
  3. Reduces the fat which can cause obesity
  4. Increase bone density
  5. Reduces the formation of cancer-causing cells
  6. Increase hair growth

Fsh and Lh increase with the hormone. These stimulate the growth in the human body.

Where I can buy hcg online?

GenericChemistShop is one of the leading source for Hcg to buy online. We have a great product at a reasonable price.

Side effects

  • Formation of blood clots
  • Swelling on the face and the area where the hormone is injected
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Inducing puberty at an early age
  • If young boys are using they might see moustache growing at an early age.

Is HCG shots available to Buy online?

The weight loss shots are available to buy online with us at a reasonable price. Cost of each box is mere $12.00

Additional information

Active Ingredient

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin




Gufic Bioscience


1 Injection / box


HCG 5000 iu


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