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Finpecia 1mg is the generic propecia brand prescribed and used by millions to treat androgenic alopecia (hair loss in men). It is a condition caused by accumulation of DHT in the scalp. It is a potent hormone which causing thinning of hair and further hair loss in men. Buy generic finasteride 1mg online in USA, UK at GenericChemistShop. Get all the information for generic propecia at GenericChemistShop such as side effects, uses, how long to take, FAQs and warnings.

What is generic propecia

Generic propecia is an FDA approved drug for treating androgenic alopecia (hair loss) usually called male pattern baldness. It treats the condition very well. Contains Finasteride 1 mg which inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is potent form of testosterone which accumulates in the scalp. Higher the production of DHT more the hair loss on the scalp will be.

Finasteride uses

Finpecia 1mg is prescribed for the following

  • Generic propecia is 5 alpha reductase inhibitor. When a man takes a pill of it with water having androgenic alopecia, they can treat the condition which causes androgenic alopecia. The condition  is known as androgenic hairloss. With the help of each pill the conversion to DHT can be stopped.
  • Sometimes it can treat other condtion relating to prostate cancer.
  • With the help of this drug this action of  conversion from testosterone to dihydrotestosterone can be stopped. Leading to hair growth promotion.

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Finasteride side effects

Some minor side effects of finpecia 1mg are listed below

  • Dizziness
  • Tired
  • Lower libido
  • Unable to hold erection for longer period of time.
  • Allergy
  • Rashes
  • Infertility problems
  • Moods swings
  • Depression

Major side effects are

  • Development of breast in men.

How long I need to take finasteride ?

You need to take finasteride for as long as your doctor has asked you take the pills. You must not stop taking the pills otherwise all the progress will be lost. Usually it is prescribed for at least 3 months to start discovering the hair growth improvement.

How finasteride works

Each pill of finpecia contains finasteride 1mg. It works by reducing the production of dihydrotestosterone a potent form of testosterone which gets accumulated in the scalp causing shrinkage of hair follicles. With finpecia the conversion to DHT is stopped. Promoting hair growth.

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Will propecia regrow hair

Yes, with the help of generic propecia you may start developing hair follicles. You must take for atleast 3 months to see the progress and regrowth of the hair.

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Do not take if

  • You are less than 18 years old
  • Have heart or kidney condition
  • You are women
  • If you are breastfeeding
  • Children must be kept away


  • Take only one pill per 24 hours. Taking more than can cause serious consequences
  • Women must not take it.
  • Do not take finasteride 1mg with alcohol.
  • Quit smoking!

Missed dose

If you missed your dose than take the pill whenever you got to remember about it. If its time to take the second dose, skip the second dose and take only one dose. Do not over dose and take double dose. It can cause you serious side effects.


Is is safe to take finasteride 1mg ?

It is completely safe to take 1mg pill as per your prescription. You must follow prescription and doctor’s instruction carefully.

Can finpecia be used in prostate cancer ?

Using finpecia 1mg in prostate cancer won’t be much helpful. It only reduces the conversion of Testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. For prostate cancer you must take anti-androgen. Which is a prescription only drug.

Does generic propecia will regrow hair ?

Yes, generic propecia will help you in regrowth however only using generic propecia only won’t be much helpful. It must be used with other products as well such as biotin, minoxidil, etc. The work of the propecia is to stop the further accumulation of dihydrotestosterone. The hormone responsible for androgenic alopecia or male hair balding.

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How long i need to take finpecia ?

For better results you must use the medicine for at least 3 months. You must take your dose without discontinuing. With prolong use you can see much better results and improvement. For prolong results you need to take it for indefinite time. If you stop taking generic finasteride 1mg, you may start experiencing hair loss again.


Follow your prescription steps carefully

  • Take one pill of generic finasteride 1mg from the pack.
  • One full glass of water only.
  • Take the pill with water and swallow it.

You must take the pill once a day at the same time daily. You must not stop taking the pill.

Where to Buy generic finasteride 1mg online ?

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Finasteride 1mg


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