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Tretinoin gel 0.1 buy

A Ret Gel 0.1% is tretinoin gel 0.1 an acne gel for treating facial acne which causes pain and red spot on the face.  Acne are red appear pus filled pimples which grows on face common amongst teens particularly in adolescent age. They are dead skin cells inside the hair follicles. A Ret gel 0.05, 0.1% and 0.025 can treat fine lines, pimples, acne. At GenericChemistShop you can read information such as what it does, side effects, uses, dosage, application. Tretinoin gel 0.1 buy online for $4.80 per 20gm gel.

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What is tretinoin gel

Tretinoin gel contains retinoic gel which is rich vitamin A. Vitamin A is proven to be great for the skin. It increases the collagen levels which gives fresh clean and bright skin after its application. Collagen is the protein which repairs the skin, keep the skin look young. Lower the collagen the skin will look dull and may lead to fine line formation. Most common use of a ret gel is for acne. It widely prescribed derma gel for treating acne, pimples.

Tretinoin gel 0.05 for wrinkles it works flawlessly and decreases fine lines and wrinkles and promotes the skin rejuvenation. Make your skin look flawless and higher collagen levels.

Tretinoin gel 0.05 uses

The uses of tretinoin gel 0.05% , 0.1%, 0.025% are

  • Reduce fine lines
  • Make your skin look younger.
  • Promotes higher collagen
  • Treats acne
  • Reducing wrinkles

How it works

A Ret gel is retinoic acid an amino acid. It increases blood flow in the skin and with the help of collagen the new skin grows inside and dead rough follicles peels off like a dead skin. This Amino acid promotes healthy skin increases collagen in face.

Face looks much smoother and younger.

What does tretinoin gel do

A ret gel 0.05% promotes vital amino acid namely Retinoic acid. It promotes collagen on the applied area. Collagen are the nutrients which forms the skin, bones healthy tissues. When tretinoin gel is applied on the acne what it does is it works like Vitamin A. It first reduces the acne to thin dry dead skin and the below the peel it gives fresh, bright clear skin.

In case of wrinkles and fine lines the retinoic acid promotes healthy. The fine lines

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Tretinoin gel side effects

Every product has mild side effects in case of A ret gel there some side effects are well

  • Skin redness
  • Irritation
  • Blister forming
  • Dead skin peeling off
  • Swelling on the applied area

How to use tretinoin gel for acne

Using it in acne and wrinkles is somehow similar. Follow your dermatologists directions carefully. How to use and apply a ret gel 0.1% is fairly easy.

  1. Wash your face with warm water and face wash.
  2. Dry your face gently with soft cotton based towel.
  3. Open the gel
  4. Squeeze a bit and gel comes out
  5. Apply the small pea portion of gel on the acne (for acne)
  6. Let the gel dry for 30 minutes before you go out.


Do not use if

  • You suffer from allergies
  • Have allergy from any of the ingredient present in it.
  • If you got some swelling before applying
  • If it gets into your eyes wash it cold water
  • After applying the gel wash you hands with soap properly.

Can it cause burning sensation ?

Yes, burning sensation is quite common with A Ret gel 0.05.

When to use tretinoin gel

A Ret gel is prescribed to the patients by the dermatologist for acne, wrinkles and fine lines. It has shown anti ageing effects as well. It makes your face look much younger with the help of amino acids present in the A Ret gel 0.1%.


Missed dose: If you missed your dose, you can skip its application. Always try to follow your prescription properly.

Over dose : Over application of A Ret gel 0.05 won’t help you much. You must stick with your prescription for great results.

Tretinoin gel 0.1 buy

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Can I use while lactating ?

A Ret gel is not prescribed in pregnancy and when you are breast feeding. Some of the side effects mentioned above can cause harm to your pregnancy. If under any circumstance you are still applying tretinoin gel 0.05%  you must tell your physician and take suggestion if you can apply the gel or not.

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How to use for wrinkles

Application for wrinkles is quite similar to that of you use for acne. It must be applied in once daily on the fine line. Let A ret gel 0.05% dry for at least 30 minutes. It is prescribed not to go out immediately after applying the gel. As A ret gel 0.1 can cause photosensitivity (sunlight can increase photosensitivity)


How to use tretinoin gel 0.05

A Ret gel contains retinoid name retinoic acid. It works same as the Vitamin A. It treats acne, pimples, wrinkles and fine lines. Tretinoin gel is prescribed for wrinkles and acne gives flourishing results.

To use the gel

  1. First. wash your face with face wash and dry it with towel gently.
  2. Second. Let the face dry for 20 minutes.
  3. Third. Apply the gel on affected area.
  4. Fourth Let the gel dry for at least 30 minutes

It is recommended to use A Ret gel once daily it would be much better if you can apply before sleeping. You must let it dry for at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Wash your hands properly after applying it.

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What is tretinoin gel used for

Tretinoin gel is used in the following

  • Painful acne and pimples
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Removing dead skin

A ret gel side effects

Following are the minor side effects listed below

  • Skin Irritation
  • Red spots on the skin where it is applied
  • Increased sensitivity in under the sun
  • Burning Sensation
  • Reddish spots everywhere
  • Dead skin fall down

Major A Ret gel side effects are

  • Swelling of hands and lips
  • Swelling on the face where the gel is applied
  • Dizziness

Is it safe ?

It is totally safe if you follow Dermatologist  prescription carefully. Your dermatologist will guide you how to apply it properly. If you pregnant you must take suggestion from the dermatologist. As Tretinoin gel 0.05 can have adverse effect on your pregnancy. You must immediately discontinue its usage if you are breast feeding.

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How much does tretinoin gel cost

At GenericChemistShop you can buy A Ret gel in

  • USA
  • UK
  • Spain
  • France
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong

The costs for each is listed below

  • Tretinoin gel 0.05 costs $3.55
  • Tretinoin gel 0.01 cost $4.67
  • 0.025 cost $3.20

A ret gel uk

A Ret gel in UK. The product is sold worldwide including UK at the lowest price. Order online at GenericChemistShop.

Is it effective on scars

Scars are usually left behind after the acne. As tretinoin gel 0.05 increases the speed up the process of ageing of the acne, it encourages more collagen production in the skin. The new skin came will be smoother and rich in nutrients. With ageing of scar it leave behind very low signs.

Why is tretinoin so cheap

If you buy it at GenericChemistShop it is not at all expensive. We sell A Ret gel 0.025 at the lowest price. Available for $3.20 per gel.

Additional information

Active Ingredient



A Ret Gel


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Tretinoin Gel 0.025, Tretinoin Gel 0.05, Tretinoin Gel 0.1


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