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  • To access the website GenericChemistShop you must be at least 21 years of age.
  • It is assumed that all the drugs that you avail from the GenericChemistshop.com are ordered with proper doctor’s consultancy. At the online store, patients of few diseases will only be sought to show their prescriptions, but it will be assumed that for better concern.
  • For the purpose of verification, prescription might be required for ordering online at GenericChemistshop.com
  • All the images shown at website GenericChemistshop.com should be considered as reference. Actual product may differ from the reference images.
  • Pricing at GenericChemistshop.com is in USD.
  • Pricing may be changed without prior intimation.
  • No-one at GenericChemistshop.com shall be held responsible and liable towards any of the purchases made from the online store or from the website.
  • GenericChemistshop.com can also cancel the order in the meantime, and that depends on the circulars, government notices, and medicine market declarations. If any purchaser already made a purchase of the same, in those cases, amount will be refunded after cancellation of the order.
  • All the information you are reading at GenericChemistshop.com provided is general purpose information only. This information must not be blindly followed. Always follow the prescription of your physician. All the information provided here at GenericChemistshop should not be used for self medication or self treatment.
  • We shall not be held responsible for any information is not relevant or have any incorrect information. We do not claim that all the information is correct and may contain mistake. We will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect and other damage caused by the information provided by us. Our website should not be used for self treatment.

All the purchases that are made over the site are protected with one of our privacy terms, and the only thing we share is the experience of them while working on the site.

Your order must have a valid REAL email address. A confirmation email will be sent to you before the purchase for shipping address verification.

Security aspect:

Our website uses special protocols SSL to check it look at the address bar (URL) you can see a padlock to verify if the our website is secure or not.

Shipping Policy:

Orders you are making at the GenericChemistshop it may take upto 48 hours to get your order processed and ship. Orders are trackable for your ease. An email with the tracking information will be emailed to you after shipping it.

Address of Shipping:

If your billing address is different then please use option to fill your shipping address.

Delay in delivery

If there is a delay that is made due to the government of your nation or state, GenericChemistshop.com is not resposible for the delay caused by customs, in case of calamity.

In case of delay our team will let you know the status of the order.

Charges for customs

If you are being charged by the customs of your nation, GenericChemistshop shall not held responsible any type of customs charges and the same would have to be considered by you.

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